It’s quite daunting opening up your home to a team of builders for 12 weeks  people you’ve never met before and people who basically are taking a wrecking ball to most of the downstairs, knocking down walls, bricking up doors, putting in huge beams and basically rebuilding our home. Firstly, what a job. You have completely transformed the way that we live, of course in a great manner, we’ve fallen in love with our house and my wife can’t stop talking about “the kitchen” to everyone we meet and keeps inviting people round, which is a little bit annoying! Not only that but every single member of your crew were absolutely delightful, kind, terrific company and above all incredibly respectful, so much so that my wife is cooking up our next rebuild! Together with yourself they also became actively involved in the project, making terrific suggestions along the way greatly enhancing the finished job. A sincere thank you from Di and myself, I can honestly say that rather than a task it was a pleasure and a delight to get to know the guys.